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App Design

SAYgeLink- Private Network 

SAYge Link is a digital peer support network that harnesses the value in shared lived experiences, facilitating access to meaningful insight through matched connection.

How –by enhancing the current product and designing an app, users can easily access it anywhere. 

I planned to understand the current product and rapid enhancements to ensure brand awareness, trust, and user experience by developing an app where consumers and institutions can build a community.

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SAYge Link is a digital atlas of human insight for navigating life's issues by matching you with others who have walked the path before and have insight from their experiences. We have created a global network of understanding where you can have real, valuable and private conversations on topics most important to you, whenever you need!


Peer support is scientifically proven to reduce loneliness, remove stigma and improve mental well-being. We are bringing the value of peer-support to the mainstream. SAYge Link is democratizing the wisdom learned from experience and creating a next-level network of understanding, support and social capital bridging members across the globe!


We have recently added SAYge Link Private Networks, allowing our platform to be integrated into organizations wishing to offer their communities more meaningful and supportive connection.


  • White label solution –branding opportunity

  • IOs and Android-capable mobile app

  • Users: Private member access/Admin access

  • Connection categories and topics are chosen by the organization

  • Topic-based matched connection between members

  • Homepage community board

  • Groups

  • DM, phone/video call scheduling

  • Calendar to view and join scheduled calls

  • Notifications

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